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Our Women’s Support Groups: Magic can happen


These support groups have been established for single mothers who originate from back grounds of poverty. I approach women who show promise, commitment and determination to achieve better in life.


Our Aim:

  • Give these women the resources and education to start a small sustainable business that can inject back into the community

  • Give them the ability to generate an income by manufacturing goods or providing services. To establish if the goods and services are demanded by the local community or if we can export to the outside environment

  • Give them a chance to provide a quality education for their children 

  • Give them a chance to provide a healthy living environment for their children

  • Protect the health of the women and their children. 

  • To assist them physically, emotionally, and socially

  • Teach them high standards of integrity, effectiveness and positive attitude towards self and family


What we offer our women:

  • The capital to start a promising business which is appropriate to their skill set

  • Business assistance and check-up 

  • Financial advice

  • Monthly meetings which they have close interpersonal discussions regarding business and focused individual discussions

  • Home visits

  • Encouraging their work by extending networks and connecting with other individuals



My first trip to Africa, I learnt an important lesson: I realised that if you help build-up a person’s skills you can lift their confidence and give them hope. I first started a small motivational and support group for women who were HIV positive or terminally ill with AIDS in the slums of Mukuru, just outside Nairobi. Many of these women lived in the knowledge that they will soon pass on, leaving their young children to fight in a world of harsh poverty. With the little money I had during my first visit to Africa I funded our first small business which involved making jewellery, scarfs and selling second-hand clothing.

My second support group was established in 2009 during my second trip to Africa. Based in Nakuru, Rural Kenya, this group really helped me develop the concept and structure to running successful support networks.

My third support group was established in 2010. Based on the outskirts of Nairobi, this is one of my most powerful and successful groups. Consisting of 15 women, a lot of these ladies employee further women to help with the operation of their business.

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