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About 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads. 1 out of 10 African schoolgirls will skip school or abandon school entirely due to lack of menstrual products (studies conducted by UNICEF). Absence of sanitary products in developing countries is a major barrier to education for school girls. The inability to effectively manage menstruation contributes to absences of up to 20% of the academic year. Eventually many of these girls drop out of school entirely, increasing their likelihood of teen pregnancy, health complications, early marriage and further limiting their life opportunities. 



Our aim is to produce reusable pads which will provide an environment where young girls can confidently attend school. We plan on using the promotion and distribution of reusable pads as an entry point for engagement on wider issues related to menstrual hygiene and reproductive health. This movement will aim to make adolescent girls recognize they are contributing to society and the importance of their education.


The main problems faced by women and girls are:
• the expense of disposable sanitary pads 
• nonattendance at school when menstruating 
• lack of privacy for changing menstrual materials 
• leakage from poor-quality protection materials and relying on horrible, improvised materials as a substitute.
• limited education about the facts of menstruation 
• fear caused by cultural myths 

What is provided in a full set?   


• Three high quality reusable sanitary pads (all ranging in thickness and size)
• One carrier bag

(All designed to last 18 months)


Our support groups manufacture the sanitary pads

Women from our existing support groups are involved in the full production of these sanitary pads. This is an enormous bonus for the overall project by injecting funding into two different subjects. Our first support group was established in 2008. It originally formed for women who were HIV positive or terminally ill with aids. Progressively it formed to a group for disadvantaged women, all with diverse backgrounds. These women have united to create sustainable businesses to help support themselves and their families.


Your support is essential

I hope you will unite with us by helping increase the number vulnerable young girls who will benefit from this project. Every child deserves the right to education. This is an easy solution which will make a life-long impact for innocent girls, whose rights are often forgotten. Each reusable pack costs a total of $25 NZD each.


Christine’s message


This concept is such a brilliant idea. I’ve been working voluntary in Kenya for the last 10 years, I can understand and see the challenges young girls face while menstruating in school. To me, this seems like a fair solution for a child who should have the right to attend school all year round.

I also like the idea of the reusable pads being more environmentally friendly. As an environmentalist, I view this initiative as a great way to make a small impact on Kenya’s pollution issues.

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