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Hi there!

Hi my name is Christine, I’m a young woman from New Zealand, who has a simple aim in life – to make the world a better place. I raise awareness for humanitarian efforts, environmental conservation and wildlife protection.With 13years experience, I also run my own successful projects in




Most of my life I have been committed to humanitarian work. I set off into the world at the tender age of 19years old, where I embarked on a journey to Africa to volunteer in the Nairobi slums. It was intended as a 2month excursion, to simply say, “I have worked voluntary abroad”. It turned out to be a lifelong dedication to leave a long-lasting foot print on this planet.

My parents had me participating in voluntary work from a young age. Both of my parents are giving people and I was fortunate to adopt this approach from an early stage in life. After I finished school, I was involved in fundraising projects for charities in my community. However my adventurous nature yearned for something culturally challenging and a quest to push me out of my comfort zone. So I picked Africa! 

Over a decade later, I now run two successful support groups for disadvantaged African women. My support groups have allowed women in Kenya to unite as a family. It started with a focus on women with HIV or they were terminally sick with AIDS. It has now opened up to women in need from various poverty backgrounds. We establish small businesses, allowing them to obtain an income to provide their children with a good education, healthy diet and a safe place to live. The support continues with health, business, nutritional, budgeting and development advice. My solution to ending poverty for these women is to teach them skills and provide jobs so that they can better their lives for themselves and their families. It has proven to be a powerful and effected concept that we run successfully to this day.

I have made a lifelong commitment to support these individuals whom I love and adore. I am proud of how far we have come by courage, support, belief and hard work.

Over a decade of travelling around the globe has unlocked a large network of additional worldly needs to my, now opened, eyes. Our planet is full of astounding people who have dedicated their lives to human aid work, animal welfare and environmental conservation. Though I have been devoted to the women and children in Kenya for most of my voluntary life, my heart also resides with animal protection and environmental conservation. 

From feeding needy children in my very own country of New Zealand, to discovering the life risking rangers who work endlessly towards wildlife conservation in the heart of the Serengeti, I’m constantly coming across

incredible people and projects that are doing their part in making the world a better place.

My goal is to bring awareness to these charities along with my own, in hopes of inspiring people to act on concerning issues. Each day we are the deciding factors of earth’s future. Every act we do as individuals

has the power to make an immense impact.  I will be satisfied with my time on this beautiful planet if I can encourage positivity from my voluntary work or from revealing others in their voluntary work. I feel obligated to make the world a better place!

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